British Columbia area codes and prefixes

List of British Columbia area codes

British Columbia is as of now served by four area codes. British Columbia has had one zone code split and one territory code overlay plan, regularly called an overlay complex.

Territory code 604 initially secured all of British Columbia. This was adequate for forty-nine years until the point when 1996 when British Columbia experienced adequate development in populace and phone use to require an extra zone code. To take care of the demand territory code 604 was part to shape 250. The development in British Columbia proceeded with particularly in the Greater Vancouver zone, and additionally, Abbotsford and Mission. To take care of this proceeding with demand for new phone numbers zone code 778 was presented as a concentrated overlay of those zones. In 2008 territory code 778 was extended to cover all of zone code 604 and 250.

Changes and History of British Columbia Area Codes:


Territory code 604 was put into benefit. In 1996 zone code 604 was part to frame region code 250. In 2001 territory code 604 was halfway overlaid with region code 778. In 2008 the overlay was extended to incorporate all of region code 604 and territory code 250.


Territory code 250 was put into benefit. Territory code 250 was made from a part of zone code 604. In 2008 zone code 250 was overlaid with zone code 778.


Region code 778 was put into benefit. Territory code 778 is an overlay of region codes 604 and 250. In 2008 the overlay design was extended to cover all of territory codes 604 and 250.


Zone code 236 was put into benefit. Territory code 236 is an overlay of zone codes 250, 604, and 778. The new overlays are 604/778/236 and 250/778/236.