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Hogeschool Leiden, University of Applied Sciences, Leiden

ECArTE Full Member


Leiden: Hogeschool Leiden, University of Applied Sciences

Course Title: Bachelor degree in ArtsTherapies

Differentiations- Art, Music, or Speech and Drama

Duration:  4 years full-time, study load of 6720 hours (240ECTS)

Entry Requirements:

• diploma of secondary education or professional higher education

• basic medium skills

• sufficient proficiency in the Dutch language


Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

The programme is based on the anthroposophical view of humankind and healthcare. In this view of humanity, physical, psychological and individual biographic aspects of human development are seen in intrinsic relationship to one another, thus allowing for a comprehensive perspective on illness, healing and human development. An art therapist regards people as essentially creative beings. The therapist has thorough knowledge of the qualities and principles of the arts in the chosen differentiation and applies his knowledge and experience to bring a balancing influence to bear, through art, on the physical, psychological and biographical aspects of the client. The work of the art therapist focuses on initiating or supporting a process of recovery and an improvement of acceptance in the client by means of artistic, musical or dramatic exercises. The curriculum is based on the view that an appropriate training programme for the art therapist must incorporate and integrate not only the development of the future competent practitioner, but also that of the student as a person and individual.


Course Content:

In the major part of the programme the focus is on training the artistic skills, in therapy methods and on becoming familiar with various target groups and areas of work. Moreover students are trained in communication and social skills and basic research skills. One or more internships (according to quantitative and qualitative requirements) are part of the programme. The art therapist at bachelor level, should be proficient in the following ten areas:

• artistic competence

• human science competence

• competence in maintaining a social relationship

• competence in forming a medium-specific diagnosis

• competence in drawing up and implementing a therapy plan

• competence in implementing this plan

• communicative competence

•  organizational competence

• competence in reflection and innovation

• research competence.

Qualification Awarded: Bachelor of Arts Therapies, differentiation Fine Arts, Music, or Speech and Drama

Language: All modules are taught in Dutch

Student Exchange Opportunities:

The Hogeschool Leiden, is able to offer student exchange opportunities with ECArTE member universities, please contact us.

Current Research:

Lectorate Anthroposophic Healthcare

Hogeschool Leiden

Associate Prof. dr. Erik Baars

Ongoing research projects in or related to arts therapies:

•             depression

•             psychosocial care for cancer patients

•             goethean phenomenology of colours

•             attachment disorders

Research Collaboration:

Hogeschool Leiden is interested in research collaboration with ECArTE Members.

Professional Association:

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kunstzinnige Therapieën (NVKT)

Email address:

Professional Body or Ministry:

Students are obliged to register with the professional association in order to practise as an arts therapist.

The course is approved by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

Code of Ethics:

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kunstzinnige Therapieën (NVKT)

Contact details:

Contact person: Martine Haak

Manager, Department of Arts Therapies

Postal address: Hogeschool Leiden, University of Applied Sciences, department of Arts Therapies, P.O. Box 382, 2300 AJ Leiden, The Netherlands

Telephone number: 0031 715188528

University website:

Email address: