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ECArTE Full Member


Nijmegen: HAN University of Applied Sciences    


Course Title: Bachelor of Arts Therapies

Duration:  Bachelor Arts Therapies full-time 4 years (240 credits)

Entry Requirements:

For the Bachelor degree there is a pre-selection based on artistic skills or movement

Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

There are three lines, all based on the eclectics theories:

1. The conceptual learning line, where theory is central.

2. The integral assignment, where usually work practice is central

3. The skills learning line, where especial attention is paid to the use of artistic skills and to the methodical skills.


Course Content:

First year preparation training is arranged  according to five competencies essential to the therapist: designing treatment plans, executing treatment plans, research, innovation and functioning within a professional organization.

Main study: the student builds competence around theoretical knowledge, personal insight and practical skills; for one year students have an internship as therapist in an organization with the support of a supervisor.


Qualification Awarded:

Bachelor of Arts Therapies (subtitle art, drama, music or psychomotor)

Language: The Bachelor is taught in the Dutch language


Current Research:

See for more information the website

Research Collaboration:

The University is interested in research collaboration with ECArTE members specifically in the fields of methods, body of evidence and some “target groups” like autism, sexual abuse, co morbidity etc..

Professional Association:

Name(s) of association(s): Federatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (FVB)

Email address(es) of association(s):

Professional Body or Ministry:

In order to practice as an arts therapist, students on the programme are obliged to register with the professional association.

Code of Ethics: The Dutch Flanders Association of Accreditation (NVAO)


Contact details:

Contact person: Robert van den Broek


Postal address:

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

Institute of Art Therapies, Psychomotor Therapy and Applied Psychology

Postbus 6960

6503 GL, Nijmegen, NL


Telephone number: +31 648382329

University website:

Email address: