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Rotterdam: Codarts University for the Arts

Course Title: Masters of Arts Therapies, music therapy and dance therapy programmes

Duration: Three years, part-time, 120 credit points (1 credit point = 28 hours)

Entry Requirements:

• a relevant first degree, for example, in dance/music, in dance/music in education, or in dance movement or music therapy; or in the areas of social services, healthcare, such as psychology or physical therapy

• relevant work experience (2 years minimum) after having acquired a bachelor degree in the area of dance/music and/or social services

• emotional maturity

• strong movement skills/strong musical skills and good interactional skills

• good command of English

• basic knowledge of psychology/psychotherapy


Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

Our aim for the dance therapy education: to educate professional dance therapists who are trained to combine therapeutic skills with research skills and who make use of a dance / movement vocabulary that is rooted in modern dance, improvisation and Laban Movement Analysis.

Our aim for the music therapy education: to educate reflective music therapy practitioners with an enquiring attitude, who are trained to combine therapeutic and clinical improvisation skills with research skills and who make use of a music vocabulary that is rooted in solid and diverse musical craftsmanship.

Both programme’s central teaching concepts include the integration of theory and practice, discovery through practical experience, and exploratory learning. Ultimately, students learn through the ability to reflect critically on their experiences. The underlying foundation in different theories encourages and enhances critical reflection. By being exposed to different approaches students are encouraged to find their own preference. Codarts’ Masters in Arts Therapies has a distinct international character. The curriculum, teaching faculty, and students all contribute to this identity.

Course Content:

The various theoretical and practical approaches and methods in dance/music therapy are supported by the study of movement/music analysis, anatomy/physiology/neuropsychology, research methodology, developmental psychotherapy, psychopathology, therapeutic schools and interventions and group processes. During the first two years of the programme students will also engage in an experiential group process and in the so-called Development Laboratory where constant enquiry and integration will take place of personal and professional learning in relation to study and dance/music therapy practice.

Together these various elements contribute to a cohesive course of training and provide the unifying threads between the different study modules. In the first year students engage with Fieldwork, as preparation for clinical internship which can begin in year two. During the clinical internship students have dance/music therapy group supervision. In year three they conduct a research project and write a thesis.

Modules (Total 120 ECTS)

• Dance/Music therapy Theory and Methods I-V (22ECTS)

• Dance/Music Therapy Group Process I, II (2 ECTS)

• Development Laboratory I and II (4 ECTS)

•  Laban Movement Analysis I, II (8 ECTS)

•  Psy I: Developmental Psychology (5 ECTS)

• Psy II: Therapeutic Schools (5 ECTS)

• Psy III: Psychopathology (5 ECTS)

• Psy IV: Group process and Dynamics (5 ECTS)

• Anatomy/Physiology/Neuropsychology (5 ECTS)

• Research Design and Methodology I, II, (6 ECTS)

• Research Labs I, II, (4 ECTS)

• Research Proposal (3 ECTS)

• Research and Thesis (18 ECTS)

• Dance/Music Therapy Fieldwork (2 ECTS)

• Dance/Music Therapy Internship (24 ECTS)

• Dance Therapy Group Supervision (2 ECTS)

• Personal Therapy (2 ECTS)

Qualification Awarded: Master of Arts (MA) specialisation dance therapy or music therapy

Language: All taught modules are delivered in English. For the internship, when conducted in the Netherlands, the students need to speak Dutch and the thesis may be written in English or Dutch.

Student Exchange Opportunities: CODARTS does not currently offer opportunities for student exchange or for clinical placement opportunity for ECArTE member students.

Current Research:

Peer reviewed internationally distributed scientific publications in arts therapies: Making sense of touch in dance movement therapy; a trainee’s perspective Maria Raluca Popa and Penelope A. Best, (2010) in Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy,Volume 5, Issue 1.

PhD thesis Rosemarie Samaritter (2015 University of Hertfordshire): Inside the Mirror; effects of attuned dance-movement intervention on interpersonal engagement as observed in changes of movement patterns in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Rosemarie is member of the research committee.

CODARTS has various ongoing student research projects in arts therapies, and is setting up Codarts’ Arts for Health; a treatment and expertise center focusing on improvement of people’s quality of life through an integrated approach of dance/dance therapy, music/music therapy, treatment, research and education.

Research Collaboration:

Codarts is member of KenVak and interested in research collaboration with ECArTE members.

Professional Association: Nederlandse Vereniging van Danstherapie (NVDAT) , Nederlnadse Vereniging voor Muziektherapie (NNvMT) Email addresses:

Professional Body or Ministry: The profession is not protected, but membership of a professional body is required in order to register (student membership is not).

Additionally, in order to register as a therapist with the Dutch Arts Therapies Registry, four years of additional work experience are required after graduation, consisting of 8 hours minimum per week. Also a specific amount of supervision and c.p.d. hours is asked for. Registration, or being in the process of registration, is necessary for acknowledgement/refunding from health insurance companies.

The course is approved by: Nederlands Vlaams Accreditatie Orgaan (NVAO)

Code of Ethics: the Dutch FVB’s Beroepscode voor Vaktherapeuten, For DT also: ADTA code of Ethics and Code of Ethics of EADMT. For MT also: the EMTC code of ethics

Contact details:

Contact person: Nicki Wentholt, Head Master of Arts Therapies

Postal address: Kruisplein 26, 3012 CC Rotterdam Telephone number: +31 10 2171138

University website:

Email address: