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Oslo: Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus / Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Course Title: Masters level Art Therapy programme

Duration: Two years, part-time

Entry Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in health, social work or education plus a minimum of two years of relevant working experience.


Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

The course is taught as a part-time programme with 16 teaching seminars over a period of two years. The main goal is that students develop the necessary skills to plan, explain, lead and evaluate art therapeutic processes with different client groups. In a combination of lectures, workshops and role plays, students are taught both humanistic and psychodynamic approaches, with an emphasis on a eclectic approach. In each seminar they participate in experiential art therapy process groups for their own learning experience.

There are possibilities for further studies in collaboration with Department of mental health.


Course Content:

Four modules: Introductory course including a course in research methods, in-depth course I + II including field placement, and final course with final paper.

Seven main subjects:

• The picture/image (art history, art materials, development, color and composition, personal expression, analysis)

• The human being in development and crisis (basic concepts in psychotherapy, symptomathology, normality and pathology, interaction theories)

• Art therapy – theory and methods (basic principles of art therapy, different approaches, methods, possibilities and limitations, art therapy with different client groups and settings)

• Creative and art therapeutic processes (creativity, imagination, dreams, myths, the interplay between creative and therapeutic processes)

• The role of the therapist, professional and personal aspects (relation, communication and interaction between therapist and client, ethics, models of reflection)

• Theory of science and research methods

• Academic professional work (assignments between seminars, written exam after one year and final paper after two years)

In addition there is a requirement of 60 hours of field placement with supervision

The course curriculum is approx 3500 pages of literature, in English and Norwegian.


Qualification Awarded: MA in Art Therapy (60 ECTS)

Language: All modules are taught in Norwegian

Student Exchange Opportunities:

We do not have students exchange, but we have teacher exchange with the University of Umeå, Sweden and Aalto University, Finland.


Research Collaboration:

Høgskolen Oslo is interested in research collaboration with ECArTE Members.  A subject of especial interest is how to measure/register the effect of art therapy.

Professional Association:

Billedterapiforeningen / The Norwegian association of art therapy

Email address(es) of association(s):

Professional Body or Ministry:

Students are not obliged to register with the professional association in order to practise as an arts therapist.  Art therapy graduates can practise independent of membership of CREARE, though most of them though do become members.  They practice first of all in the discipline of their bachelor training, for example, as a nurse or occupational therapist. Then they add their 60 credit points training in art therapy.

Code of Ethics:

We are in the process of developing a code of ethics particularly for art therapy, but all students must act according to the code of ethics as nurses, occupational therapists, etc.


Contact details:

Contact person: Astri Ziesler

Assistant professor

Postal address:

Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus,

Institutt for estetiske fag, Videreutdanning i billedterapi,

Postboks 4 St. Olavs Plass,

0130 Oslo,


Telephone number: +47 95258349; +47 67238777

University website: (in Norwegian and English)

Email address: