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Nurtingen: Hochschulstudiengänge für Kunsttherapie HKT

at Nuertingen-Geislingen University (NGU)

(Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt, HfWU)

University of Applied Sciences


I   Course Title: BA and consecutive MA in Art Therapy

II  Course Title: BA and consecutive MA in Theatre Therapy

(for further information go to HKT website)

BA and consecutive MA in Art Therapy

Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)

Entry Requirements:

• higher education or higher professional education certificate

• or master craftsman’s diploma or a state-validated training in social, curative, educational, nursing fields or arts, according to the decrees of the competent ministry in Stuttgart/Baden-Württemberg

• or particular exam for above-average talented applicants according to the respective regulations of the State of Baden-Württemberg

• a six months social practical experience

• for immigrant students: knowledge of the German language

• a three-day admission workshop including an interview and presentation of a portfolio with 20 examples of artistic works and a scetchbook


Course philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

Art therapies, as we know them, use the action, knowledge and impulse of arts to accompany healing and development processes. Consequently the profile of our curriculum is mainly focused on the artistic point of view, which is closely interlinked with practical and science-based art-therapeutic concepts. Particularly important for us is the link of perception and design with a possible sensual and mental discovery.  In this way the creative process of personal artistic examination is experienced and is specifically reflected from the point of view of contemporary art.

We refer to the actual results of psychology, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, as they have been further developed in the humanistic and depth-psychological approaches. The Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung in its modern aspects is the general background of most of our therapeutic approaches as it emphasizes the creative processes in psychotherapy. The therapeutic relationship in its varied facets is seen as the point of integration of the different art-therapeutic stages.

In the methodical seminars, a practical approach to specific applications on pedagogical, social-pedagogical and clinical fields takes place. As well as the dialogical strategies and with other materials and dramatherapy are all used to find answers to practical requests. In this way art therapies can support people in developing their creative potential and in mobilizing self-healing powers, and can help individuals coping with crisis and illness.  This is how art therapies relate to the healthy aspects of people and their resources, as they become apparent in the creative and therapeutic processes.

The personal atmosphere at our university, with only 280 students, guarantees an intensive support during the eight semesters. During the whole course each student has access to a personal area in the studio and is supported in the development of his or her artistic and therapeutic identity. We are a joint project of teaching staff and students and offer our students several possibilities of participation in the development of the University.


Course content

Basic Studies (three semesters)

• self-experience groups with external professionals

• practice in social institutions
Main Studies I (two semesters)
Clinical placement (one semester)

• in a freely choosen institution, approved by the university

• supervision

Main Studies II (two semesters)


Final Thesis

Personal art work


Basic Studies (selection)

• basic seminars in art therapy/theatre therapy, introduction to theory and to practise of different art therapeutic approaches

• artistic basic training, art history, history of theatre

• development and perception psychology, theory of sciences

• approaches of psychotherapy

• basics of psychodynamics and clinical psychotherapy


Main Studies (selection)

• main seminars: pedagogical orientated art therapy/theatre therapy, depth psychology orientated art therapy, process orientated art therapy/theatre therapy

• varied specific methodological seminars in art therapy/theatre therapy

• target group orientated seminars: clinical art therapy/theatre therapy, work with children and adolescents, clients with learning difficulties, geriatrics, coaching and team development

• individual artistic training: painting, sculpting, installation, media, concept, graphics, textile, ceramics, positions of contemporary art

• intensification of supporting sciences: conflict-centered and trauma-centered clinical psychotherapy/ social psychology/ psychotherapy and spirituality

• theories of art therapy and research approaches

• supervision

• science of profession, art therapy/theatre therapy in practice and institution, professional regulations


Qualification Awarded: BA in Art Therapy, BA Theatre Therapy

Language: German


Student Exchange Opportunities:

Nurtingen MA in Art Therapy programme is able to offer student exchange opportunities with ECArTE member universities. Students must be fluent in German.

The programme is able to offer a clinical placement opportunity for ECArTE member students. Students who are interested are invited to approach the university individually to discuss this possibility. Fluent German is a pre-requisite.

Professional Association:

Deutscher Fachverband für Kunst- und Gestaltungstherapie (DFKGT) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Theatertherapie (e.V.)

Students are not obliged to join the DFKGT or the DGfT in order to practise as art therapists.


Professional Body or Ministry:

The course is approved by the Ministry of Science and Education  (Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Bildung)


Code of Ethics:

There is a council for ethic affairs at the university, Ethikkommission


Contact details:

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Ralf Bolle


Postal address: Hochschulstudiengänge für Kunsttherapie, Sigmaringerstrasse 15/2, 72622  Nürtingen, Germany

Telephone number: 0049 7022 933 360

Fax: 0049 7022 933 3623

University website:;

Email address: or