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Masterclasses by Title

AT  – Art Therapy
DT – Dramatherapy
DMT – Dance Movement Therapy
EA – Environmental Arts Therapy
ED – Education
MX– Mixed Arts Therapies
MT – Music Therapy
RES – Research

Friday 15th September (Day Three)

09.30 – 12.30

Negotiating Transitions in Borderline Times (Margaret Hills de Zarate & Heather Hunter, AT)

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis: new articulations of stasis and change (Peter Holloway,  Henri Seebohm & Anna Seymour, DT)

What my body knows – know my body (Heidrun Panhofer, DMT)

Facility-Wide Performances: A Trauma Informed Music Therapy Approach to Building Community
(Bronwen Landless, MT)

‘O body swayed to music…how can we know the dancer from the dance?’ – An exploration of aesthetic distance and spatial ambiguity within creative arts therapy practice (Daniel Stolfi, Natalie Archibald & Jessica Tedford, MX/ Puppets)